You’ve worked hard to get through college and to ace all those job interviews. Now, you’re either about to receive or have already received a job offer, and you’re not sure what to do. Maybe you’ve heard that you should negotiate your salary. But, how?

In this book, we share lessons and insights from years of real-world experience in job negotiations, sitting on both sides of the table. We’ve distilled our experience into practical lessons to help you get the best deal for yourselves, in terms of salary, professional development, and work conditions. Through stories and examples, you will learn core negotiation principles and how to apply them in this particular setting.

Learn how to:

  • Prepare and frame your conversations
  • Create joint gains for you and the company
  • Make yourself more valuable in the eyes of your future employer
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Respond to difficult questions
  • Develop negotiation skills that will help you not only in this stage of your professional life but also as you go on to other things

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