We advise young people at the start of and throughout their careers. We’ve also served as managers, advisers, and mentors to people across industries – from consulting to venture capital to small non-profits and multinational corporations. 


Paul F. Levy

Paul has had an extensive career as a chief executive and leader of several organizations, from running a world-class teaching hospital to managing the multi-billion dollar clean up of the Boston harbor, hailed as one of the most successful examples of public infrastructure projects in a metropolitan area. He has been an innovative leader, known internationally for pushing the boundaries of transparency in organizational communication and continuous learning. He presently advises corporations around the world on negotiation strategy. Paul has enjoyed advising and mentoring college students and young professionals, both during and after his term on the faculty of MIT.  He is the author of Goal Play! Leadership Lessons from the Soccer Field.

If I were to recommend one book to young people entering the workforce, this would be it! The authors’ advice is cogent and on target. You will get more of what you deserve from your new employer, and your new employer will have even more appreciation for the value you bring to their firm.
— Zahir Ladhani, President, Salary.com

Farzana S. Mohamed

Farzana grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to the US to attend MIT, the first in her family to attend college.  She is founder and principal of a consulting practice that advises organizations on change management, employee engagement, and process improvement. She previously served as Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Planning for a community hospital, where she was responsible for managing governance activities and coordinating the planning, user design and permitting for a significant facility expansion, a project that involved interfacing with multiple stakeholders with diverse interests. Farzana was a member of a core management team at MIT involved in setting up two international institutional partnerships. She has worked, lived, and traveled in a number of different countries, and finds negotiation and cross cultural communication fascinating. She enjoys working with and mentoring college students and people just starting out in their careers.